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About Us!

We are planting the seeds of a healthy life for you as the third generation children of 64 years of experience .Global-GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certified fruits are grown in our garden of our family company Birlik Meyvecilik Inc. and in our other exclusive gardens, and we collect them with our hands at the peak of their maturity. We make sure that Gourmeturk’s aroma is preserved throughout the seasons by drying it with our special and natural drying method. This process is carried out in a hygienic environment without direct sun exposure .The flavors you miss are carried from the seasons to your palate.

The fruits that we have carefully dried and packaged offer a healthy and delicious pleasure to you and your loved ones at home, at school, at work – in short everywhere. We work diligently in order to produce delicious and healthy snacks that can be consciously consumed by everyone, especially mothers and children, who want an access to natural nutrition in the food sector where profitability prevents human health.

May there be no lack of abundance in Anatolian soil.

Our Values and Manifestos

Our basic principle is to produce and pack the natural and regional products of Anatolia in a way that suits the purity, characteristics and values of these products.
• You are at the center of all our efforts. We are working day and night to provide you with healthy dried fruits and nuts that you can consume safely and with pleasure .
We comply strictly with the laws and regulations.
We are at your side to provide a ‘treat’ culture which is one of the most beautiful traditions of the people living in Anatolia.
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